Hair PRP

How Does PRP Work?

  • Platelets within PRP provide tissue healing and regeneration. For this reason, there is a wide range of uses for PRP therapy; plastic and cosmetic surgery, sports medicine, orthopedics, oral surgery, neurosurgery, …
  • One of the main uses of PRP therapy is “hair regeneration”. The effectiveness of PRP has been scientifically proven.
  • As a result of scientific studies (American Society for Dermatologic Surgery 2012), it has been proven that PRP promotes the growth and strengthening of hair follicles by stimulating stem cells and other cells around hair follicles.




How PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) Obtained?

PRP treatment can be applied with different methods in hair treatments.


  • It can be applied with Dermapen for whole hair with hair dilution problem.
  • Or it can be applied with injection method, PRP can be injected in areas where hair loss is intensified by lowering it to reach the hair roots.
  • Electroporation allows the absorption of the entire plasma over the scalp, and the distribution of the injected plasma between the cells.
  • HandanYavuz Köksal preferred to apply these 3 different hair PRP applications by combining the same session at hair health clinic.



What are the Benefits of Hair PRP?

  • Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) can help strengthen the sleeping hair follicles when applied with proper methods to the hair follicle.
  • PRP; strengthens hair lines with PRP hair loss is slow and can even stand.
  • New hair strands may extend from the hair follicles in the sleep.
  • PRP can be combined with hair mesotherapy.
  • Hair PRP treatment can thicken hair weakened, hair roots are fed and strengthen your hair may become more voluminous.




For who we Recommend Hair PRP?


  • Hair PRP is one of the most effective and reliable applications for anyone suffering from male hair loss, suffering from thinning of hair, and wanting to get stronger hair.
  • Hair PRP is recommended to strengthen hair follicles during hair transplant operation.
  • Hair PRP is used as an effective treatment method in order to recover the donor area in a shorter time during hair transplantation and to restore old strength.



What makes PRP application is different in practice?


The quality of kit  used in hair PRP application and its application shape makes a difference:

One of the most important issues in hair PRP practice is sterilization.


  • Tubes for blood PRP should be absolutely sterile. It is very important that the tube is sterile because the blood taken for PRP will be injected into the patient’s scalp after centrifugation.
  • In this context, the quality and certification of the PRP tubes is very important. Certified kits must be used by our health ministry.
  • Hair sterilization should not be forgotten.


Hair PRP can be applied in different shapes;

  • PRP can be applied with dermapen or dermarols.
  • PRP can be applied by injection
  • PRP can be applied by brush electroporation.




Is Dermapen or Dermaroller Recommended for Hair PRP Practice?


Based on the evidence, we know that the approval of the American Dermatology Association provides significant advantages over dermapen and hair PRP application compared to dermaroller. However, during PRP application, the selected needle quality for dermapen and the number of needles are also very important. When applying hair with Dermapen, the right needle number should be selected and the depth of the needle should be adjusted correctly according to the type of patients hair.

Dermapen is recommended to be applied at the right depth to the right patient during PRP.


Is it Only an Injection Sufficient for Hair PRP Application?


In the case of hair PRP application, it is of course possible to do just injections. But combining PRP injection with dermapen application in the same session may help to obtain more effective results.



What is Electroporation in Hair PRP Practice?


Hair PRP can be applied to a larger area with dermapen and injected into the more heavily needed areas and then assisted in the dissemination of PRP diffused between cells by electroporation.

Opening pores between cells by electroporation can help PRP to penetrate more to the hair stem cell.




Who Can Made Hair PRP Application?


Hair PRP application should be made by a medical staff with medical training in accordance with sterilization rules.

The preparation and application of hair PRP in our clinic is done by Dr. Handan Yavuz Köksal personally.

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